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This is the 472nd issue of Bike Bits, Adventure Cycling’s twice-monthly bicycle bulletin. Bike Bits is delivered to you, and 70,337 other readers, because you’ve signed up for it at the Adventure Cycling Association website. We want to inspire you to dream and to live your own bicycle adventures.  
“After your first day of cycling, one dream is inevitable. A memory of motion lingers in the muscles of your legs, and round and round they seem to go. You ride through Dreamland on wonderful dream bicycles that change and grow.”
H. G. Wells
COVID-19 Update
We’ve been publishing Bike Bits for more than 20 years, but recent events make this week’s edition feel different than any other. We hope you enjoy some light reading about this wonderful bike travel community and a little bit of twice-monthly normalcy. Adventure Cycling has made a few changes in response to the situation. 
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Semi-Rad Across America
Now’s a good time to reminisce about adventures past, like this ride across the U.S. 
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Wheelie Good Deals 
Adventure Cycling corporate partners Rolf Prima and Astral Cycling are offering Adventure Cycling members an exclusive 30 percent discount on all wheelsets through April 30. Check out this amazing deal and more, available exclusively to Adventure Cycling members.
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Adventures in South America, Part One
A few years ago, Ryan Wilson left his job, packed up his bike, and headed south with a plan to live on his bike for a while. 
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Charity Case
Started in 2005, World Bicycle Relief has now donated half a million of its utilitarian Buffalo Bikes to students, health care workers, and others in rural Africa. 
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Cycling in China during Coronavirus
Who knew people in golf carts could be so menacing? 
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Instruments of Social Change
Celebrate women’s history … on your bike. 
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Wait, Where’s all the Snow?
A place called Snowdonia has to be worth exploring.
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Bicycle Traveler
Stuck inside? How’s about a free magazine. 
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Cycling in Palestine
When pedaling is political. 
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Sympathy for the (Tasmanian) Devil
Good times (mostly) in Tasmania, on bikes.

Until next time, click here for vicarious adventures in Japan, with kids.

Vicarious adventures in Japan, with kids.

Illustrations by Greg Siple

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