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This is the 477th issue of Bike Bits, Adventure Cycling’s twice-monthly bicycle bulletin. Bike Bits is delivered to you, and 71,218 other readers, because you’ve signed up for it at the Adventure Cycling Association website. We want to inspire you to dream and to live your own bicycle adventures.  
“Wars of nations are fought to change maps. But wars of poverty are fought to map change.”
Muhammad Ali
Saluting the Major
Few historical figures are more badass than Marshall Taylor, who endured rampant racism and abuse to become world champion. 
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How Trail Magic is Made 
They approach as strangers and leave as friends. They make us feel at home when we’re far away from everything familiar. We’re celebrating Trail Angels, the extraordinary people in ordinary places who sustain and inspire bicycle travelers on their journeys.
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Adventures in South America, Part Six
Follow Ryan Wilson as he experiences the Peruvian shoulder season. 
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Agent of Change
The bicycle is many things: rideable art, the humble people’s nag, and … a vehicle of protest. 
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Bicycling for Black Lives Matter
John Lee, a student at Vanderbilt University, is riding 1,500 miles from Nashville to Colorado, raising funds to help address racial injustice. 
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Hurry Up and Wait
The good news? Cycling is booming. The bad news? Cycling is booming. 
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A Winter Bikepacking Journey across Lake Baikal
Because a summer bikepacking journey across Lake Baikal would be kinda wet.
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Our Kind of Mayor
The good news? Downtown London could soon be nearly car-free. The bad news? Hang on, we’re thinking … 
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Going the Distance
A pre-coronavirus bike tour in Scotland. Yes, there are midges. 
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Inflection Point
In these uncertain times, we have a choice: go back to the way things were, or make this an opportunity to change for the better.

Until next time, click here for vicarious adventures in Argentina.

Vicarious adventures in Argentina.

COVID-19 Update
We’ve been publishing Bike Bits for more than 20 years, but recent events make this week’s edition feel different than any other. We hope you enjoy some light reading about this wonderful bike travel community and a little bit of twice-monthly normalcy. Adventure Cycling has made a few changes in response to the situation. 
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